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​Bring Wildlife Safari to your location for a perfect way to have a high quality, low cost event for the entire school. Go on an expedition around the world without having to leave the building!  No busses, chaperones, or permission slips required. Our hands-on wildlife production comes to you!  That's right, we visit your location with everything needed to put on a great show that's exciting and informative for both students and staff alike! Our presentations are best described as a multi-media experience, which will immerse the audience in the presentation.
Repeat Customer!
Nelson and visited my daughter's classroom last year. it was sooo much fun and the kids loved every second of it. They STILL talk about it! I will definitely be a repeat customer!
-Sara Medaris


Nelson's Wildlife Safari- School exhibit

Let us bring our zoo to you!

Nelson's Wildlife Safari- Kids with toucan
​Not only is our school program one of the best out there, but also very affordable. We understand that school budgets can be tight so we've come up with the perfect way to have a great show and save money at the same time! Call us today and see how much you'll save when you book Wildlife Safari for your next assembly!
Would you like to save money on your next school assembly?
We make learning about science fun!


​​​The primary goal of all of our school programs is to provide students and staff the chance to get up close and personal with some truly amazing animals. The secondary goal of our programs is to provide students with a hand-on science lesson which is designed around the Michigan k-12 Science standards. Using maps, smart boards and other props found in the classroom, we make sure to cover science topics that are relevant to each grade level. Yes, our school programs are extremely entertaining, but also very informative. We strongly believe in education through entertainment (edutainment); which is what makes our program an experience like no other. Wildlife Safari has the perfect program for your needs. 


Awesome Show!!
What an awesome show! I’m the PTO President at an elementary school. We brought them in for our students. I stayed for 4 out of 6 shows because it was that good! I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback. My 2 sons loved it! Can’t wait to bring them back next year!
-Amanda Jones


Amazing Show!
Nelson came to our preschool last year and again this year. He and his partner put on an AMAZING show! We all enjoyed it so much and can't wait to do it again next year. I'm also grateful that our preschool was able to adopt the eagle owl and the funny baby Guinea pig.
-Joy Williams


Nelson's Wildlife Safari- Man with anteater
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If you've already booked a show with us, you may pay online by clicking the link below.

Nelson's Wildlife Safari- Sloth
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Nelson's Wildlife Safari- Nelson with yellow snake
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